Whose Child Am I?

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Whose Child Am I? (Feelings) (1976, UK) is an Exploitation film directed by Gerry O'Hara.


Main Details

  • Released in January 1976
  • Color
  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Production Co.: Mara Company
  • Distribution Co.: Miracle Films (1976) (UK) (theatrical) | Brian Distributing Corporation (1976) (USA) (theatrical) (as 'Whose Child Am I?') |Tokyo Daiichi Film (1976) (Japan) (theatrical) | British Empire Films Australia (1975) (Australia) (theatrical) | Talma Filmes (1979) (Portugal) (theatrical) (35 mm)
  • Directed by Gerry O'Hara
  • Written by James Stevens
  • Starring: Kate O'Mara, Paul Freeman, Edward Judd

Plot Summary

  • A couple attempt artificial insemination in order to have a child.


  • Hand-made babies...Was it the hand of God...Or the hand of the devil?
  • They violated all the facts of life!

Also Known As

  • Hijo de nadie (Colombia)
  • Les affamés du désir (France)
  • De Quem Sou Filha? (Portugal)
  • Who's Harriet? (UK - working title)
  • Test Tube Baby (USA - reissue title)
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