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Yet another blogger who likes movies, Michael Hawkes (a/k/a Lafnlab) lives in Indianapolis and posts his work at

I'm working on alphabetizing in categories. MediaWiki software automatically alphabetizes article names, but when dealing with movie titles (or song titles, theater titles, etc) we end up with a lot of articles filed under T because their titles start with The. MediaWiki has a way around this, but it is not automatic: when an article is placed in a category, if a vertical bar | is placed after the category, anything coming after the bar will be how MediaWiki sorts the article in a category.

For example:

[[Category:GCDB Editors|Lafnlab]] will show my username in the category GCDB Editors, alphabetized as Lafnlab.

Words that are definite or indefinite articles (A, An, The, La, El, Un, and so on) are usually dropped for alphabetizing purposes, so for purposes of sorting in categories, I'm going through and adding the indexes to articles.

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