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NAME: Casper

BORN: 1984


STATUS: Ummmmm....they let me post things so I can't completely suck right?


INTERESTS: If it's on film, I am interested. Also collecting/playing NES games and writing

FAVORITE GRINDHOUSE DIRECTORS: John Carpenter, Enzo G. Castellari, George A. Romero, Sergio Corbucci, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Dario Argento, Kinji Fukasaku, Roger Corman, Russ Meyer, Bob Clark, Tobe Hooper, Lamberto Bava, Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Jack Starrett, Joe Dante, Seijun Suzuki

FAVORITE FILMS: Django, Demons, Demons 2, Death Race 2000, Duel, Danger: Diabolik, other movies that don't start with the letter D, Assault on Precinct 13, Escape From New York, Halloween, 2020 Texas Gladiators, Death Wish, My Bloody Valentine, Truck Turner, Shaft, Boss Nigger, Black Shampoo, Blacula, The Lost Boys, Westworld, Two Thousand Maniacs, Vanishing Point, The Road Warrior, Mad Max, The Thing, Suspiria, The Wizard of Gore, 1990: Bronx Warriors, REC, The Blob, Foxy Brown, Sukiyaki Western Django, The Orphanage, Tenebre, Battle Royale, A Colt is My Passport, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Shaun of the Dead, Memento, The Godfather, Charade, Dead Man, Battle Beyond the Stars, High Noon, Enter The Dragon, Robocop, The Streetfighter, The Dark Knight, Deathproof, Clerks, Thriller: A Cruel Picture, Get Carter, Lady Snowblood, The Warriors, The Car, Night of the Creeps

THE LOWDOWN: I currently live in Austin where I have been living as a cinema monk for the last year watching anything and everything I could get my hands on. I am a film critic in the exploitation cinema witness protection program here at the Duece; hiding from my editors who want me to cover new Rom-Coms and whatever Tom Cruise is up to (blech!). The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (the greatest movie theater ever) and Vulcan Video (greatest video store) have been instrumental in my film education. I love movies with a fiery passion and love to talk movies with anyone. I collect rare and/or cult films and helped form a biweekly movie group specializing in the good, the terrible, and the just plain fun. I am married to a beautiful, amazing woman and I love my circle of friends. But enough about me, how are you?


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