Tortured Angels

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Tortured Angels (1982, HK) is a Women in Prison film directed by Roy Rosenberg

Main Details

  • Released in 1982
  • Color
  • Running Time: 80 Min.
  • Distributed by Asso Asia Films
  • Directed by Roy Rosenberg
  • Written by Gary Capra Jr., Dick O'Nell
  • Starring Susan Lee, Stella Jones, Laura Sode-Matteson, George Bill, Larry Moore
  • Produced by Kenneth Holl
  • Original Music by Ricky Chan
  • Cinematography by Jimmy Yu
  • Film Editing by Vincent Leung


  • A woman in prison seeks revenge after learning her sister becomes pregnant by a sleazy doctor.

Also Known As

  • Strike of The Tortured Angels
  • Grindhouse Database Newsletter
  • Exploitation books
  • Kung fu movies
  • Giallo BluRay