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Running time 106 minutes
Running time 106 minutes
[[Category:1980]][[Category:Films]][[Category:Action/Adventure]][[Categopry:Maerrtial Arts]][[Category:Jackie Chan]][[Category:Golden Harvest]][[Category:Hong Kong]]
[[Category:1980|Young]][[Category:Films|Young]][[Category:Action/Adventure|Young]][[Categopry:Martial Arts|Young]][[Category:Jackie Chan|Young]][[Category:Golden Harvest|Young]][[Category:Hong Kong|Young]]

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Blu Ray

Directed by Jackie Chan Produced by Raymond Chow Leonard Ho Written by Jackie Chan Edward Tang Lau Tin-chi Tung Lu Starring Jackie Chan Yuen Biao Fung Fung Shih Kien Music by Frankie Chan Cinematography Chen Ching-chu Edited by Peter Cheung Production company Golden Harvest Distributed by Golden Harvest Media Asia Group Release date 9 February 1980 Running time 106 minutesYoung

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