The Wolf Woman

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The Wolf Woman (1916, USA) is a Silent drama film directed by Raymond B. West.


Main Details

  • Released on September 17, 1916
  • B&W
  • Running time: 50 minutes
  • Production Co.: Kay-Bee Pictures | New York Motion Picture
  • Distribution Co.: Triangle Distributing
  • Directed by Raymond B. West
  • Written by C. Gardner Sullivan
  • Starring Louise Glaum, Charles Ray, Howard Hickman

Plot Summary

  • An narcissistic woman with the ability to charm, Leila Aradella reaps delight from preying upon weak men. Her first victim is John Morton, a talented lawyer, whom she ruins both morally and financially. Her second victim, Rex Walden, the generous son of society matron Mrs. Walden, becomes her complete slave. Mrs. Walden sends her elder son Franklin to try to dissuade Leila from toying with Rex's affections. Franklin, however, also falls under Leila's spell, and Rex is driven to suicide by her callous behavior. Desperate, Mrs. Walden enlists Adele Harley, a girl of strong moral character, to fight Leila for Franklin's affections. Adele's determined victory causes Leila to lose her confidence, and in a drunken state, she cuts her own face with a shard from her shattered mirror. Permanently disfigured, Leila ends a broken and lonely woman.


  • A story of a siren in her "Incense laden spider den," who lured three men. One lost his life, another his self-respect and the third was only saved by the pure love of another woman. (Print Ad- The Urbana Democrat,((Urbana, Ohio)) 5 December 1916)
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