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  • Roger Corman actually used several members of the real Hell's Angels as extras.
  • Actress Laura Dern (daughter of Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd) was conceived during the movie shoot. Growing up, she sometimes showed people who asked about her parents a still of them in their biker outfits.
  • Co-writer Peter Bogdanovich (Targets, The Last Picture Show) directed most of the 2nd Unit footage in the film.
  • The Hells Angels brought a $5-million defamation lawsuit against Roger Corman for what they perceived as a negative portrayal of their image.
  • George Chakiris was originally hired by Roger Corman to play "Black Jack" (later changed to "Heavenly Blues" by Peter Fonda), but insisted that a stunt double do his motorcycle driving so Corman replaced him with Fonda who was originally cast as "Loser".
  • The quote "we wanna get loaded...." was used by Primal Scream as the intro to their song "Loaded", which was first released in 1991 on the album "Screamadelica"
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