The Van

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The Van (1977, USA) is a Car themed-Comedy film directed by Sam Grossman.


Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Running Time: 90 Min.
  • Distribution Co: Crown International Pictures
  • Directed by Sam Grossman
  • Written by Celia Susan Cotelo & Robert J. Rosenthal
  • Starring Stuart Goetz, Danny DeVito, Deborah White, Steve Oliver, Harry Moses, Marcie Barkin, Bill Adler
  • Produced by Paul Lewis
  • Original Music by Steve Eaton, Sammy Johns
  • Cinematography by Irv Goodnoff
  • Film Editing by Pierre Jalbert & Fabien D. Tordjmann

Also Known As

  • Chevy Van
  • Esca meccanica per ragazze, L' (Italy)
  • My Love Van (Philippines - English title)
  • I Ragazzi del camper (Italy)
  • The Van - menorauta (Finland)
  • Van - den rullande ungkarlslyan (Sweden)


  • Bobby couldnt make it until he went FUN-TRUCKIN!


  • The Van is an entertaining carsploitation-comedy film about a teenager named Bobby (Stuart Goetz) and his adventures hanging out around town in the cool new custom van he bought with money from his job. Featuring an early appearance by Danny DeVito as Bobby's boss at the car wash where he works.
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