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<div class="large-6 columns">'''The Tattooed Dragon''' (1973, Hong Kong) is a Martial Arts film directed by Lo Wei.  
<div class="large-6 columns">'''The Tattooed Dragon''' ([[:Category:1973|1973]], [[:Category:Hong Kong|Hong Kong]]) is a [[:Category:Martial Arts|Martial Arts]] film directed by [[:Category:Lo Wei|Lo Wei]].  
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[[Category:1973]][[Category:Films]][[Category:Action/Adventure]][[Category:Martial Arts|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Golden Harvest]][[Category:Jimmy Wang Yu]][[Category:World Northal|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Hong Kong]]
[[Category:1973|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Films|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Action/Adventure|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Martial Arts|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Golden Harvest|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Jimmy Wang Yu|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:World Northal|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Hong Kong|Tattooed Dragon]][[Category:Lo Wei|Tattooed Dragon]]

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The Tattooed Dragon (1973, Hong Kong) is a Martial Arts film directed by Lo Wei.


Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Production Co: Golden Harvest Company
  • Distribution Co: Golden Harvest Cinema (1976) (Canada) (theatrical)/World Northal (1981) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)
  • Directed by Wei Lo
  • written by Wei Lo
  • Starring Jimmy Wang Yu, Samuel Hui, Sylvia Chang, James Tien
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  • Kung fu movies
  • Giallo BluRay