The Shiver of the Vampires

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The Shiver of the Vampires is a French hippie-horror vampire movie directed by Jean Rollin.

Shiver of the Vampires The.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in the USA 1978
  • Starring: Sandra Julien, Jean-Marie Durand, Jacques Robiolles

Also known as

  • Sexual-Terror der entfesselten Vampire (Germany)
  • Le Frisson des Vampires (France)
  • Strange Things Happen at Night (USA)
  • Violenza ad una vergine nella terra dei morti viventi (Italy)
  • Redemption (UK, DVD title)
  • Los temores de los vampiros (Spain)
  • Sex and the Vampire
  • The Terror of the Vampires
  • Thrill of the Vampires
  • Vampire Thrills
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