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The She Creature poster



  • Hypnotized! Reincarnated as a monster from hell!
  • It can and did happen! Based on the authentic FACTS you've been reading about!

Main Details

  • Released in 1956
  • B & W
  • Running Time: 77 Min.
  • Production Co: Golden State Productions
  • Distribution Co: American International Pictures (AIP) (1956) (USA) (theatrical) | Astral Films (Canada)

Cast and Crew

  • Directed by Edward L. Cahn
  • Written by Lou Rusoff
  • Starring Chester Morris, Marla English, Tom Conway, Cathy Downs.
  • Produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff, Israel M. Berman, Alex Gordon
  • Original Music by Ronald Stein
  • Cinematography by Frederick E. West
  • Film Editing by Ronald Sinclair
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