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Kissy Hill (Stacey Walker) is every bit the woman that her famous courtesan mother Fanny Hill was. Her days are spent pleasing everyone from lowly farmers all the way up to dukes and duchesses. In fact, the infamous Marquis de Sade is also one of her regular customers. It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it's all in a dayís work for the beautiful young Kissy.

I must apologize here for the brief nature of the film synopsis above, but that's essentially all the film is about. Famed sexploitation producer David F. Friedman's Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill is nothing but seventy-two minutes of Kissy Hill seducing men (and one woman) and little else. While a plot like this may work in a porno film, this is not a porno film. In fact, pretty little Stacey Walker doesn't even show off her fine form until the last ten minutes of the film. For a film dealing with Kissy Hill's sexual dalliances, the fact that she doesn't reveal any skin until her last "sex" scene is very disheartening. Made before a time when porno had become an acceptable form of entertainment, The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill is sorely lacking in the sexual satisfaction department.


Unlike Friedman's great "literary" adult films like The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide and The Erotic Adventures of Zorro, Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill lacks the same sense of fun (and plot) that those other two films had. The story is just a string of scenes with the slight addition of a thread of plot in the film's final moments. This plot thread comes out of nowhere (and kills the chance for a sequel), but comes too late to redeem the film's lack of story.

Walker is an attractive woman, though, and it is a shame that she only appeared in two features (including A Taste of Honey, featuring the infamous line "I may be a bitch, but at least Iím not a butch") and a short film before "retiring" from the business. She gets a few really seductive stripteases (tease being the operative part of that word) before the big reveal that gave me faith in the allure of the slow removal of thigh-high stockings again. In addition, there are very few people who could eat carrot sticks or bananas quite as sexily (or as weird) as Walker does in this film.

Review by Pockets of Sanity

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