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Rudy Ray Moore, the comedy legend is back in this wildly funny and funky follow up to his 1975 cult hit Dolemite. The story kicks off with Rudy Ray performing his great nightclub act and poking fun at members of the audience. Fun stuff.

Dolemite is livin large now and hes got a big house on the hill somewhere in the western part of the US. In Dolemite he did live in Los Angeles, but for some reason he moved to another state. (?) Anyway, while hes having a big bash at his mansion (or crib if youre down with ebonics) he's rollin in the hay with a white woman. A couple of local racists drive by and see "them niggers" havin a party up on the hill, so they go rat to the local sherriff (J.B. Baron) who's even more racist (and even more zany). Him and his deputy decide to go bust up the party and when they bust in the joint, they catch Dolemite in the middle of a hump-o-rama with the sheriff's wife! In a really funny scene the deputy shoots the woman and tries to shoot Dolemite but Dolemite is quicker and blasts that honkey away!

Dolemite has to get the hell outta there quick, so he doesnt even change into clothes, he just grabs his shit and runs buck naked out the back door. Then he dives off the top of the steep hill and tumbles down to where his homeys are waitin with the car. As I was watching the film, I noticed a familar face, it was ERNIE HUDSON! (Ghostbusters, The Crow) as one of Dolemites crew! The credits say "Louis Hudson" in the film. Kind of cool to see him in an early role alongside Rudy Ray.


Back to the story: Dolemite and his crew are getting chased by the crazy sheriff and they stop at a quarry and they have a shoot out. One of Dolemite's best lines is featured in this sequence: "He thinks hes bad, he dont got no class, I'm gonna rock this fuckin shotgun up his ass!!" With a BOOM, Dolemite wastes all the honkey pigs on his ass, but his own car gets destroyed in the battle, so Dolemite and his crew gotta hoof it.

They get a car to stop along the highway, and its one of the funniest scenes in the movie. The driver is a gay man and hes not just gay, hes FLAMING. You just gotta see it, to get how funny and over the top he is. Well Dolemite and the boys dont mind, they need a ride to LA, so they all get in and theyre off.

Queen Bee (Lady Reed) runs the Total Experience nightclub now with her girls, but a rival nightclub owner Mr Cavaletti (Herb Graham) is out to stop Queen Bee's business. He sends some thugs over to Queen Bee's club and they start trouble, they beat up Queen Bee and they kidnap two of her girls. If Queen Bee doesnt hand over the nightclub to Mr Cavaletti, the girls will die.

Once Dolemite and his crew get to LA, they seek out Queen Bee and they find out what happened. From there on in, Dolemite and his crew are on the trail of the kidnapped girls and they come across a bunch of crazy characters. Including a foreign nunchuku artist, that Dolemite beats down with his crazy Dolemite Fu. Theres several steamy sex scenes in the movie, and I gotta say, the women are hot stuff! If you loved Dolemite, you wont be dissapointed with "THE HUMAN TORNADAAAH!"


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