The Hard Ride

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The Hard Ride (1971, USA) is a Biker film directed by Burt Topper.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1971 | Color
  • Running Time: 93 Min.
  • Production Co: American International Pictures (AIP) | Burwalt Productions
  • Distribution Co: American International Pictures (AIP) (1971) (USA) | Astral Films (1971) (Canada) (theatrical) | Anglo-EMI Film Distributors (1972) (UK) (theatrical) | MGM-EMI (1972) (UK) (theatrical) | Valio-Filmi (1974) (Finland) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Burt Topper
  • Written by Burt Topper
  • Starring Robert Fuller, Sherry Bain, Tony Russel, William Bonner, Biff Elliot
  • Produced by Gloria Betrue, Charles Hannawalt, Byron Roberts, Burt Topper
  • Original Music by Harley Hatcher
  • Cinematography by Robert F. Sparks
  • Film Editing by Kenneth G. Crane

Also known as

  • Hard Rider (Germany)


  • Some machines are more than most men can handle!
  • Two pretty classy machines... it will take some kind of man to handle both.
  • He came home for love and peace and found another kind of war.
  • A BIG CHROME BABY and a BLACK LEATHER DOLL...Both hotter, faster, tougher than most men can handle.
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