The Flesh Eaters

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The Flesh Eaters poster



  • Behind this Membrane...You Will Be Driven To a Point...Midway Between Life and Death!

Main Details

  • Released in 1964
  • B & W
  • Production Co: Vulcan Productions Inc.
  • Distribution Co: Cinema Distributors of America (1964) (USA) (theatrical) | U.F.O. (1968) (USA) (theatrical) (re-release) | Peerless Films (1968) (Canada) (theatrical)

Cast and Crew

  • Directed by Jack Curtis
  • Written by Arnold Drake
  • Starring Martin Kosleck, Byron Sanders, Barbara Wilkin, Rita Morley, Ray Tudor, Christopher Drake, Darby Nelson, Rita Floyd
  • Produced by Bernard Cherin, Jack Curtis, Arnold Drake, Terry Van Tell
  • Original Music by Julian Stein
  • Cinematography by Carson Davidson
  • Film Editing by Radley Metzger
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