The Devil's Female

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Also Known As

  • Magdelena: Possessed By The Devil
  • Beyond The Darkness
  • Vom Teufel besessen

Main Details

  • Released in 1974
  • Color

Cast and Crew

  • Directed by Walter Boos
  • Written by August Rieger

Film Review

Horroricon.jpg Occulticon.jpg

The Germans decided to throw their hat into the EXORCIST ring with this lesser known entry. Director Boos is one of the creators of the long- running, softcore SCHOOLGIRL REPORT films. (Fun Fact: Number 4 in the series features the delectable Christina Lindberg of Thriller: A Cruel Picture and Sex & Fury fame).

The fun begins with a German streetwalker (inexplicably dressed like a ROCKY HORROR fanatic) walking through a German village one late night and discovers a crucified old man, known for being a Satanist. Meanwhile, at a Munich-based boarding school, his granddaughter Magdelena (Sexy, redhead Dagmar Hedrich who loves her full-frontal nudity) becomes possessed by some sort of evil entity (Whether its her grandfather's soul or a demon is never made clear). She starts convulsing, making furniture fly across the room and tears a Bible apart with her bare hands. Magdalena also seems wildly unfamiliar with Catholic practices, since when asked by a priest to take communion, she responds "I do want to take communion . . . Stick it right here in my pussy!"

Its ironic that FEMALE works so hard to be like the EXORCIST -- Albeit a sexier version -- that it ends up failing in the ceremony itself. The sequence is broken into two brief segments with a scene of Magdalena being brutally raped by the entity padding the middle. When she is finally released of the sinister spirit it comes out in the anti-climactic form of a tiny, black snake that pours from her mouth. (Its then promptly stepped on by one of a loved one).

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