The Cosmic Man

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The Cosmic Man (1959, USA) is a Science Fiction film directed by Herbert Greene.

Cosmic Man Poster01.jpg

Main Details

  • Released on February 17, 1959
  • B & W
  • Running Time: 72 Min.
  • Production Co: Futura Pictures Incoporated
  • Distribution Co: Allied Artists
  • Directed by Herbert Greene
  • Written by Arthur C. Pierce
  • Starring Bruce Bennett, John Carradine, Angela Greene
  • Produced by Robert A. Terry
  • Cinematography by John F. Warren
  • Original music by Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter
  • Film Editing by Helene Turner

Plot Summary

  • A spherical UFO proves to contain one alien visitor. How to deal with him? Investigators disagree...


  • Out of this universe!
  • Is it true? Are creatures from space watching us now?
  • The Cosmic Phantom from Time and Space!
  • His hypnotic eyes see all!
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