The Changeling

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The Changeling (1980, Canada) is a Horror film directed by Peter Medak


Main Details

  • Released in 1980
  • Color
  • Running time: 107 minutes
  • Production Co: Chessman Park Productions
  • Distribution Co: Adams Filmi (1980) (Finland) (theatrical)/Associated Film Distribution (AFD) (1980) (USA) (theatrical)/Aster Films (1980) (Spain) (theatrical)/Brent Walker Film Distributing (UK) (theatrical)/Hafbo (1980) (Netherlands) (theatrical)/Joy Pack Film (1980) (Japan) (theatrical)/Pan-Canadian Film Distributors (1980) (Canada) (theatrical)/S.N. Prodis (1980) (France) (theatrical)/S.N. Prodis (1981) (France) (theatrical) (as S. N. Prodis)/Sandrew Film & Teater (1980) (Sweden) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Peter Medak
  • Produced by Joel B. Michaels, Garth H. Drabinsky
  • Written by Russell Hunter, William Gray, Diana Maddox
  • Starring: George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Melvyn Douglas
  • Music by Rick Wilkins
  • Cinematography by John Coquillon
  • Edited by Lilla Pedersen, Lou Lombardo (sup)

Plot Summary

  • After the death of his wife and daughter in a car crash, a music professor staying at a long-vacant Seattle mansion is dragged into a decades-old mystery by an inexplicable presence in the mansion's attic.


  • experience beyond total fear.
  • Two people live in this house. One of them has been dead for 70 years.
  • "How did you die, Joseph...? Did you die in this house...? Why do you remain...?"
  • Whatever you do...DON'T GO INTO THE ATTIC.
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