The Brother From Another Planet

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The Brother From Another Planet (1984, USA) is a Cult Comedy Science Fiction film directed by John Sayles


Main Details

  • Released on September 14, 1984
  • Color
  • Running Time: 108 minutes
  • Production Company: A-Train Films
  • Distribution Company: Cinecom Pictures
  • Written by John Sayles
  • Directed by John Sayles
  • Starring Joe Morton, Rosanna Carter, Ray Ramirez
  • Cinematography by Ernest R. Dickerson
  • Film editing by John Tintori


A mute alien who resembles an African-American man lands in Harlem with The Men In Black on his trail.


  • He's not just another out-of-towner...
  • Welcome to a world of crude beauty... of danger and excitement... of wonders, legend, and imagination... Welcome to Harlem, Brother.
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