The Amityville Horror

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The Amityville Horror (1979, USA) is a Horror film directed by Stuart Rosenberg. It was followed by Amityville II: The Possession and Amityville 3-D.


Main Details

  • Released in 1979
  • Color
  • Running Time: 117 Min.
  • Production Co: American International Pictures (AIP) | Cinema 77 | Professional Films
  • Distribution Co: American International Pictures (AIP) (1979) (USA) (theatrical) | Ambassador Film Distributors (Canada) (theatrical) | UGC Distribution (1980) (France) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Stuart Rosenberg
  • Written by Jay Anson, Sandor Stern, George Lutz, Kathy Lutz
  • Starring James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger
  • Produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff, Elliot Geisinger, Ronald Saland
  • Original Music by Lalo Schifrin
  • Cinematography by Fred J. Koenekamp
  • Film Editing by Robert Brown

Plot Summary

  • Newlyweds and their three children move into a large house where a mass murder was committed. They start to experience strange, inexplicable manifestations which have strong effects on everyone living in or visiting the house.


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