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  • In this 1978 cult classic, Ozploitation auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith melds two forms of wild entertainment together creating the first stunt/rock n' roll film ever made. Australian stuntman extraordinnaire Grant Page (The Man From Hong Kong, Mad Dog Morgan, Mad Max, Turkey Shoot) teams up with LA wizardry-metal band Sorcery in an action packed, hard rock fueled adventure. The movie doesn't have what you'd call a traditional plotline. As Director Brian Trenchard-Smith explains, its basically a 92 minute long movie trailer. Furthermore, its a mixture of the band Sorcery performing their magic/music act (to a staged audience, not a real one) and sequences of Grant Page doing really amazing stunts. Along the way Page makes some friends including two women, a newspaper reporter (Margeret Gerard) and a TV star (Monique van der Ven). The movie was filmed partly in Australia (at The Gap cliffs) and also in Los Angeles at Culver City Studios. Theres even some extra footage from the carsploitation classic Gone in 60 Seconds thrown in. Look for a cameo by the late comedian Phil Hartman (Saturday Night Live) as one of the ADs on the stunts. --Pete R.
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