Spies Strike Silently

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Spies Strike Silently is a Eurospy film by Mario Caiano from 1966


Main Details

  • Releasedin 1966
  • Color
  • Director: Mario Caiano
  • Written by: Mario Caiano, Guido Malatesta, David Moreno Mingote
  • Starring: Lang Jeffries, José Bódalo, Erika Blanc, Mario Lanfranchi, Emma Danieli, Andrea Bosic
  • Music: Francesco De Masi

Also known as

  • Leise töten die Spione (Germany)
  • Ombres sur le Liban (France)
  • Los espías matan en silencio (Spain)
  • Spies Kill Silently
  • Le spie uccidono in silenzio (Italy)
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