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  • Label: Full Moon
  • Release date: late 2021
  • Details tbc



  • Release date: November 2021
  • Label: Cineploit
  • Worldwide 2K premiere
  • Extras: Featurette „Acque Profonde“ with Sergio Martino, producer Luciano Martino and sed designer Massimo Antonello Geleng – 58 min.; Featurette „All about the Island of the Fishmen“ with Miller Drake (director of the „Screamers“ scenes) and Joe Dante (editor of the „Screamers“ version) – 19 min.; Featurette „Scream America scream“ – all scenes made for the „Screamers“ version – 18 min.; international picture gallery; Italian and US trailer; seperate score;
  • Hardcover mediaabook with partial embroidery
  • 28 page booklet with essay by Udo Rtoemberg in German and English with pictures.
  • Double sides poster with German and Italian motives
  • Five cover options available: 2 Italian, 1 Australian, 2 German in a numbered, limited edition of between 300 and 450 copies
  • Video: 2.35:1 1080p HD
  • Audio: DTS HD 2.0 German, Italian, English
  • Subtitles: German, English
  • Region code free
  • Buy now: From


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