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Scream (1981, USA) is a Slasher film directed by Byron Quisenberry.


Main Details

  • Released in 1981
  • Color
  • Running Time: 86 Min.
  • Production Co: Calendar International Pictures Inc. | Cougar Films, Limited
  • Distribution Co: Cal-Com
  • Directed by Byron Quisenberry
  • Written by Byron Quisenberry
  • Starring Pepper Martin, Hank Worden, Ethan Wayne, Ann Bronston, Julie Marine, Nancy St. Marie, Joseph Alvarado
  • Produced by Hal Buchanan, Clara Huff, Byron Quisenberry, Larry Quisenberry
  • Original Music by Joseph Conlan
  • Cinematography by Richard Pepin
  • Film Editing by B.W. Kestenberg

Also Known As

  • The Outing


A group of twelve friends on a river camping trip decide to spend the night in an old ghost town, and an unseen killer begins to dispatch them one by one. On the first night at the stroke of midnight, three of the group are killed in rapid succession. Allen is found hanged; his friends Rod and John both hacked by a cleaver. In the morning, the nine survivors try to leave, but find their three rubber rafts slashed apart by someone (or something) forcing them to spend another night at the ghost town. (Wikipedia)

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