Savage Streets

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Savage Streets (1984, USA) is a Teen-Gang film directed by Danny Steinmann.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1984 | Color
  • Running Time: 93 min / Norway:87 min / UK:80 min (heavily cut) / Australia:83 min
  • Production Co: Ginso Investment Corp. | Savage Streets Partnership
  • Distribution Co: Motion Picture Marketing (MPM) (1984) (USA) (all media) | Astral Films (Canada)
  • Directed by Danny Steinmann
  • Written by Danny Steinmann & Norman Yonemoto
  • Written by Norman Yonemoto, Danny Steinmann
  • Starring Linda Blair, John Vernon, Robert Dryer, Johnny Venocur, Sal Landi
  • Produced by John L. Chambliss, Michael Franzese, Cleve Landsberg, John Strong
  • Original Music by John D'Andrea, Michael Lloyd
  • Cinematography by Stephen L. Posey
  • Film Editing by John A. O'Connor, Bruce Stubblefield

Also Known As

  • 5 Deadly Angels (Pakistan)
  • Calles salvajes (Spain)
  • Dzikie ulice (Poland)
  • Les Rues de l'enfer (France)
  • Savage Street - Straße der Gewalt (Germany)
  • Zombie Brigade (USA - alternative title)


  • SAVAGE STREETS - Where the only rule is "an eye for an eye."
  • They raped her sister... killed her best friend. Now she must seek revenge!
  • They raped her sister and killed her best friend.
  • The gang war of the sexes!
  • An eye for an eye.
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