Santo Vs The Kidnappers

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Santo Vs The Kidnappers (1973, Mexico) is an El Santo film directed by Federico Curiel

Santo vs kidnappers poster 01.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Production Co: Oro Films/Puerto Mex Films
  • Directed by: Frederico Curiel
  • Written by: Alfredo Salazar & Fernando Osés
  • Starring: El Santo, Ernesto Albán, Guillermo Gálvez, Rossy Mendoza, Elizabeth Sartore, Carlos Camacho Espiritu, Fernando Osés, Carlos Suárez
  • Produced by: Eduardo de la Barcena
  • Cinematography by: Luis Medina
  • Original Music by: Ernesto Cortazar Jnr
  • Film Editing by: Reynaldo Puente Portillo

Plot Summary

  • Interpol's Office of Special Investigations sends Santo to Ecuador to investigate the kidnaping of Pedro Miller, a former counterfeiter. The OSI believes that Miller is being forced into working for a counterfeiting gang. El Santo tracks down the gang that is forcing Miller to cooperate. Naturally, there is much wrestling involved.

Also known as

  • Santo Contra Los Secuestradores (Original Spanish Title)
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