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  • This film is a prime example of the cheerleader subgenre which also included titles like The Pom Pom Girls, The Swinging Cheerleaders and The Cheerleaders. In the 1970s, these movies were a staple in the drive-ins and grindhouses. While Revenge of The Cheerleaders tries to give the appearance its actually about something (a rivalry between two high schools) it keeps veering off the tracks with the main cast performing wacky, yet oddly entertaining disco dance numbers, getting high, having various sexual encounters and getting into sloppy food fights. It's really more of a wild comedic onscreen party than a movie. 70s exploitation cinema's own version of Marilyn Monroe, Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith gives a solid performance as Heather, the cute little blonde of the group. At the time this film was being made, Rainbeaux was actually pregnant. Grindhouse film fans will recognize Jerii Woods who had a part in Jack Hill's cult classic Switchblade Sisters. ROTC was also a early career highlight for The Hoff. Yes, David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider himself is in this. He plays "Boner", a lanky goofball that dances like a nut and gets it on with the chicks. All in all, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this movie quite as much as I did. Its a fun little gem from the good ol' dazed and confused 70s. ---Pete 15 April 2009
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