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Nightbeast (1982, USA) is a Horror film directed by Don Dohler.


Main Details

  • Released in 1982
  • Color
  • Runtime: 80 min
  • Production and Distribution Co: Amazing Film Productions
  • Written and Directed by Don Dohler
  • Starring: Tom Griffith, Jamie Zemarel, Karin Kardian
  • Produced by Ted A. Bohus, Don Dohler
  • Original Music by J.J. Abrams (as Jeffrey Abrams), Arlon Ober, Leonard Rogowski, Robert J. Walsh
  • Cinematography by Richard Geiwitz
  • Film Editing by Don Dohler

Plot Summary

  • A creature from outer space crash lands in a small town and starts killing people.

Also Known As

  • Night Beast (USA)
  • Nightbeast - Terror aus dem Weltall (Germany)
  • Terror from the Unknown (USA)


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