Nathalie: Escape from Hell

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Nathalie: Escape from Hell (1978, France) is a Nazisploitation film directed by Alain Payet.

Campo De Perversion.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1978
  • Color
  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Directed by Alain Payet
  • Starring: Patrizia Gori, Jacqueline Laurent, Jack Taylor, Jacques Marbeuf, Rudy Lenoir, Claudine Beccarie, Guy Bonnafoux, Alban Ceray, Richard Leblond, Richard Lemieuvre, Joëlle Le Quément, Barbara Moose, Pamela Stanford, Jean Tolzac, Johnny Wessler
  • Produced by Marius Lesoeur
  • Original Music by Daniel White
  • Cinematography by Alain Hardy

Also Known As

  • Nathalie rescapée de l'enfer (France) (Original Title)
  • Campo de perversion (Spain)
  • Nathalie dans l'enfer nazi (France) (Alternative Title)
  • Nathalie, Fugitive from Hell (International English Title)
  • Nathalie: Escape from Hell (USA)

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