Massacre Mafia Style

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Main Details

  • Released in 1978 | Color
  • Production Co: Spartan Films
  • Distribution Co: Moonstone Entertainment
  • Directed by Duke Mitchell
  • Written by Duke Mitchell
  • Starring Duke Mitchell, Vic Caesar, Lorenzo Dodo, Louis Zito, and Cara Salerno
  • Produced by Duke Mitchell
  • Original Music by Duke Mitchell
  • Cinematography by Ken Gibb
  • Film Editing by Tony Mora

Also Known As

  • The Executioner
  • Like Father, Like Son
  • Pyöveli (Finland)


  • Fingered by The Godfather, Nailed by...The Executioner.
  • You're IN or you're IN THE WAY!
  • can take revenge on the mob...but don't cross the family.


Massacre Mafia Style was said to have been inspired by 1972’s The Godfather directed by Francis Ford Coppola and makes a reference to the famous movie in his dialogue, without naming it specifically. Duke Mitchell was clearly influenced by Coppola’s work (as well as Scorsese’s) and was moved to tell his version of what it’s like to be an Italian-American, using his own nightclub points-of-reference and his bird's-eye-view of those Italian-American businessmen and their “spaghetti” traditions. Mitchell also had an great ear for dialogue and dark comedy in his work, which had the same brand of wit as present in the best of any of Hitchcock’s films. (Wikipedia)

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