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  • A long, long, long time ago when the Vikings ruled, King Harold (Giacomo Rossi-Stuart) went missing in action on the sea. He left his wife Queen Karen (Elissa Pichelli) and his son Moki (Luciano Pollentin) alone. They struggled and hid from the Viking villian Hagen (Fausto Tozzi). Hagen wanted to make Karen his wife and then become the king of the tribe. While hiding out, Karen and Moki meet a stranger named Rurik (Cameron Mitchell). Rurik helps them several times to not getting caught. In fact Rurik is no real stranger, he found out after 12 long years that Hagen killed his whole family. He's now on the warpath to kill Hagen. Will he succeed? The movie score was awesome. It reminded me of a Western. Also theres some scenes with a Western Movie type of style. I expected more swords and knife fights, but nope. What Mario Bava did here was genius. Bava was hired on at the last minute to save the movie. He threw the already shot stuff away, rewrote the script and re-shot the film himself in only six days! He gets my respect! --GBS
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