It's Alive!

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It's Alive (1974, USA) is a Horror film directed by Larry Cohen. Followed by It Lives Again.


Main Details

  • Released in 1974 | Color
  • Running Time: 91 Min.
  • Production Co: Larco Productions | Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Distribution Co: Warner Bros. Pictures (1974) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Larry Cohen
  • Written by Larry Cohen
  • Starring John P. Ryan, Sharon Farrell, James Dixon, William Wellman Jr., Shamus Locke
  • Produced by Larry Cohen, Peter Sabiston, Janelle Webb
  • Original Music by Bernard Herrmann
  • Cinematography by Fenton Hamilton
  • Film Editing by Peter Honess

Also Known As

  • Baby Killer (Italy / USA) (working title) | A jednak zyje (Poland) | Estoy vivo (Spain) | Det Lever (Finland) (informal title) (Swedish title) | Le Monstre est vivant (France) | El Monstruo está vivo (Argentina) | Nasce um Monstro (Brazil) | Se on elossa! (Finland) (informal title) | To Teras (Greece) | Die Wiege des Bösen (Germany)


  • Whatever it is, it's alive and deadly.
  • There's only ONE thing wrong with the Davis baby: it's alive.
  • It was born three days ago. It has killed seven people. Its parents are human beings. Whatever it is, it's alive!
  • It's newborn, it's alive, and murder is what it knows best.
  • The ONE film you should not see alone.
  • Save your screams until you see its face.
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