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  • Region A
  • Studio: Code Red
  • PREVIOUSLY REMASTERED (2016) • Interviews with Director Umberto Lenzi, Star George Eastman and Art Director Massimo Antonello Geleng • Trailers
  • TBR April 2021



Synopsis: At the dawn of time, the discovery of the world s first weapon unleashes primitive man s violent and cruel nature. After being exiled from his village, Ela (bodybuilder Sam Pasco in his only film role), teams up with a group of fellow barbarians to help stop his power-hungry brother, Vood (George Eastman, Absurd), from his brutal quest for world domination. Experience the brutal evolution of mankind through the eyes of the notorious Umberto Lenzi, under the supervision of legendary producer Luciano Martino (Blastfighter), as he delivers a shocking, yet thoroughly entertaining, slice of B-movie fantasy. Ironmaster is presented in glorious HD for the first time in the UK thanks to loin-clothed freaks at 88 Films!

Special Features: Antonello & Ginacarlo Interview • George Eastman Interview • Umberto Lenzi Interview

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