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  • Much to my dismay, I didn't know that Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds was a sort of remake of this movie that was released in 1978 (NOTE FROM EDITOR: Tarantino's film is not a remake). I should have figured with his obsession with exploitation films, that he would've done this movie. This one is a lot different than the one in the theatres. The movie stars black exploitation legend Fred Williamson (Hammer, Black Caesar) as a shamed army guy, who with other men heading to be court marshaled, try to escape to Switzerland when the fall into some trouble on the way. Led by Lt. Yeager (Played By an underrated Bo Svenson), Williamson and company are on the fight for their lives when they decide to help the partisans and a an American colonel try to hijack a train that contains an atomic bomb. Can they all succeed at the mission or will they fail? This I thought was a great movie in itself that I enjoyed watching it. I usually hate war movies, but I couldn't stop watching. I love one of the captions on the movie poster where it says, "Whatever the dirty dozen did they do it dirtier." The movie is directed by Italian Enzo G. Castellari and he does an excellent job that it is well worth the money to rent. Oh by the way this movie has it all from explosions, to naked female German soldiers, and tons of fighting. 3.5/5 stars. --Eddie Monster
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