Ijo Seai Kiroku, Harenchi

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Ijo Seai Kiroku, Harenchi (1969, Japan) is a Roman Porno film directed by Teruo Ishii.


Main Details

  • Released in 1969
  • Color
  • Approx. 89 min
  • Distributed by Toei Studios
  • Written and Directed by Teruo Ishii
  • Assistant Director: Masahide Shinozuka
  • Music by Masao Yagi
  • Edited by Tadao Kanda
  • Cinematography by Motoya Washyo
  • Lighting by Hiroshi Watada
  • Art Direction by Takatoshi Suzuki
  • Produced by Shigeru Okada and Kanji Amao
  • Starring: Eiji Wakasuki, Masumi Tachibana, Asao Koike

Plot Summary

  • A Japanese woman is raped by her boyfriend day in day out.

Also Knows As

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