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   <div class="large-6 columns">'''[[/About|Gone With The Pope]]''' ([[:Category:2010|2010]], [[:Category:USA|USA]]) is a [[:Category:Brucesploitation|Brucesploitation]]-[[:Category:Martial Arts|Martial Arts]] film directed by [[:Category:Duke Mitchell|Duke Mitchell]].  
   <div class="large-6 columns">'''[[/Review|Hell Has No Boundary]]''' ([[:Category:1982|1982]], [[:Category:Hong Kong|HK]]) is a [[:Category:Horror/Thrillers|Horror]] film directed by Yang Chuen.
*'''Contents''': [[/Review|Film Review]]
*'''Contents''': [[/Review|Film Review]]
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Hell Has No Boundary (1982, HK) is a Horror film directed by Yang Chuen.
Hell Has No Boundary Pic001.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1982
  • Color
  • Running Time: 91 mins
  • Production Co: Shaw Brothers
  • Directed by Yang Chuen (aka Yeung Kuen)
  • Written by Cheng Tan Shui
  • Starring: Derek Yee, Liu Hsueh Hua (aka Lau Suet Wa), Yueh Hua, Ken Tong Jan Yip, Lo Yuen, Teresa Ha Ping
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