Good Guys Wear Black

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Good Guys Wear Black (1977, USA) is a Martial Arts-Action film directed by Ted Post (The Baby).
  • Synopsis: Former soldier John T. Booker (Chuck Norris), who is now a teacher, takes a leave of absence when he learns his friends from Vietnam are mysteriously dying. Booker, who was part of an elite unit in the war called the Black Tigers, starts visiting his Army buddies to try to warn them that they are in danger. As more Black Tigers are killed, Booker connects the murder spree to a high-ranking Vietnamese official who is working with a U.S. politician (James Franciscus).
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Main Details

  • Released in 1977
  • Color
  • Running time: 96 minutes approx.
  • Production Co: Action One Film Partners, LTD | Mar Vista Productions | Western Film Productions
  • Distribution Co: American Cinema Releasing (U.S.) | Danton Films (Canada) | Kinosto (Finland)
  • Directed by Ted Post
  • Produced by Allan F. Bodoh, Mitchell Cannold, Michael Leone
  • Screenplay by Bruce Cohn, Mark Medoff, Joseph Fraley
  • Starring Chuck Norris, Anne Archer, Soon-Tek Oh, Dana Andrews, James Franciscus, Lloyd Haynes, Jim Backus
  • Music by Craig Safan
  • Cinematography by Robert Steadman
  • Edited by Millie Moore, William Moore
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