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* Cinematography by Sokei Tomioka
* Cinematography by Sokei Tomioka
* Film Editing by Yoshitami Kuroiwa  
* Film Editing by Yoshitami Kuroiwa  
==Followed by==
[[The Terror of Godzilla]]
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[[Category:1974]][[Category:Films]][[Category:Godzilla and Friends]][[Category:Akira Ifukube]][[Category:Japan]][[Category:Toho Studios]]

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Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla (Japanese) Poster

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    Also Known As

    • After Holocaust (France) (video title)
    • Die Brut des Teufels, Konga, Godzilla, King Kong (Germany)
    • Distruggete Kong! La Terra e in pericolo (Italy)
    • Godzilla contra Mechagodzilla (Spain)
    • Godzilla und der Kampf der Titanen (Germany) (TV title)
    • Konga-Godzilla-King Kong - Die Brut des Teufels (Germany)
    • Mechagodzilla contre attaque (France) (video title)
    • Mechagodzilla vs. Godzilla
    • Monsters from an Unknown Planet
    • Monsters from the Unknown Planet
    • Les Monstres du continent perdu (France)
    • Les Ogres de l'espace (France) (reissue title)
    • Revenge of Mechagodzilla
    • Terror of Mechagodzilla (USA) (video box title)
    • The Escape of Mechagodzilla
    • The Escape of Megagodzilla
    • The Terror of Godzilla
    • Terror of Mechagodzilla


    • Metal meets monster.
    • Battle to save the earth!
    • From a black hole in space...they came to conquer Earth...!

    Main Details

    • Released in 1974
    • Color
    • Running Time: 83 min | UK:89 min | USA:79 min
    • Production Co: Henry G. Saperstein Enterprises Inc. | Toho Company
    • Distribution Co: Bob Conn Enterprises (1977) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)

    Cast and Crew

    • Directed by Jun Fukuda
    • Written by Yukiko Takayama
    • Starring Masaaki Daimon, Kazuya Aoyama, Akihiko Hirata, Hiroshi Koizumi, Reiko Tajima
    • Produced by Henry G. Saperstein, Tomoyuki Tanaka
    • Original Music by Akira Ifukube
    • Cinematography by Sokei Tomioka
    • Film Editing by Yoshitami Kuroiwa

    Followed by

    The Terror of Godzilla

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