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The final showdown. Ike and Sugimoto are both missing but Yuko Kano does surprisingly good job as the new delinquent girl boss. After 6 instalments it's nice to see a new face in the lead role. Concept-wise director Sekimoto's second try follows the same functional patters as the earlier films; Kano and her gang draw up a diamond heist plan, but Toru Abe (again) fights back. The nasty villain is backed up by Ema Ryoko, whose biggest star moment comes in the beginning when she and her girls – all dressed in white school uniforms – confront Kano's gang. Another memorable moment is the silly and sunny 'running topless on the beach' scene. Like the previous film, Crazy Ball Game a fun girl gang action film with a couple of more graphic violent scenes. A good way to end a long running series. --Hung Fist 17 April 2009

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