Ghidrah: The Three Headed Monster

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    Also Known As

    • Earth's Greatest Battle
    • Ghidora, the Three-Headed Monster
    • Ghidrah
    • Godzilla contra Ghidorah, el dragón de tres cabezas (Spain)
    • Godzilla vs. Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster (Sweden) (video title)
    • Gojira Mosura Kingu Gidora: Chikyu saidai no kessen (Japan) (reissue title)
    • Monster of Monsters: Ghidorah (International) (English title)
    • The Biggest Battle on Earth
    • The Biggest Fight on Earth
    • The Greatest Battle on Earth
    • The Greatest Fight on Earth
    • Three Giant Monsters: The Greatest Battle on Earth (International) (English title)


    • The Three-Headed Monster battles Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan for the world!

    Main Details

    • Released in 1964
    • Color
    • Running Time: 92 min | Japan:73 min (1971 reissue) | USA:85 min
    • Production Co: Toho Company
    • Distribution Co: Toho Company (1964) (Japan) (theatrical) | Continental Distributing (1965) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)

    Cast and Crew

    • Written by Shinichi Sekizawa
    • Starring Yosuke Natsuki, Yuriko Hoshi, Hiroshi Koizumi, Akiko Wakabayashi, Emi Ito
    • Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka
    • Original Music by Akira Ifukube
    • Cinematography by Hajime Koizumi
    • Film Editing by Ryohei Fujii

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