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The outrageous, no holds barred world of exploitation cinema was a perfect place for graphic artists to showcase some of their most visually expressive and bold ideas through the use of stylish fonts and text in opening credits sequences. The various film genres such as crime, horror, sci-fi and others each had their own aesthetic and this form of art design which complimented the cinematic storytelling to follow just made them all the more exciting and fun to watch. This page is a celebration of the many title cards from classic exploitation & cult cinema found on our site. We hope you enjoy looking through them!

  • Yortitle.png
  • Streetrashtitle.png
  • Shrinkingtitle.png
  • Shaftafricatitle.png
  • Schlocktitle.png
  • Satanscheertitle.png
  • Redqueen7title.png
  • Reanimatitle.png
  • Quatermasstitle.png
  • Newkidstitle.png
  • Initiationtitle.png
  • Fistfeartitle.png
  • Exterm2title.png
  • Darksuntitle.jpg
  • Brucedeadlytitle.png
  • Castlefutitle.jpg
  • Facefutitle.jpg
  • Bridesfutitle.jpg
  • Bloodfutitle.jpg
  • Vengefutitle.jpg
  • Massdinotitle.jpg
  • Picmommytitle.jpg
  • Furywolfmantitle.jpg
  • Doctors blood coffintitle.jpg
  • So sweet so deadtitle.jpg
  • Warning from space.jpg
  • Sometimes aunt marthatitle.jpg
  • H-mantitle.jpg
  • Battle in outer spacetitle.jpg
  • Attack of the crabtitle.jpg
  • Frankenstein createdtitle.jpg
  • Roomates.jpg
  • Woman for all mentitle.jpg
  • Colossal beast.jpg
  • Centerfold girlstitle.jpg
  • Bonnies kids.jpg
  • Tintotitle.jpg
  • Blackgestaptitle.jpg
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