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Final Exam (1981, USA) is a Slasher film directed by Jimmy Huston.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1981 | Color
  • Running Time: 89 Min
  • Directed by Jimmy Huston
  • Written by Jimmy Huston
  • Starring Cecile Bagdadi, Joel S. Rice, Ralph Brown, DeAnna Robbins, Sherry Willis-Burch, John Fallon, Terry W. Farren
  • Produced by Carol Bahoric, John L. Chambliss, Lon Kerr, Michael Mahern, Myron Meisel
  • Original Music by Gary S. Scott
  • Cinematography by Darrell Cathcart
  • Film Editing by John A. O'Connor


  • Some may pass the test...God Help The Rest!!!


Final Exam is an American 1981 slasher film written and directed by Jimmy Huston and starring Cecile Bagdadi, Joel S. Rice & Timothy L. Raynor. The plot follows a killer stalking the remaining group of students left on a college campus days before the university's summer vacation. The film is notable for focusing on establishing its characters and solid pacing. Still, like most slasher films of the 1980s, it was battered by critics and received only a brief theatrical run. The film has over time built a small fan base among fans of the slasher genre and was released to DVD for the first time in 2008. It is referenced in Scream 2 along with other college themed slasher films such as: The House on Sorority Row, Graduation Day, The Dorm That Dripped Blood and Splatter University. (Wikipedia)

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