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Review of Female Prisoner Scorpion: Grudge Song

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In this last installment of the Scorpion films, The Scorpion aka Nami Matsushima (Meiko Kaji) is on the run once again. At the opening of the film, after the melancholy title theme "Urami-Bushi" (Her Song of Vengeance) sung by Kaji herself, the police are looking everywhere for Scorpion. They find a church where a ceremony is in progress and they immediately barge in and begin looking for her. They find her in one of the rooms and she tries to escape but they grab her and detain her. As the police make their way back to the prison with The Scorpion, Inspector Kodama (Yumi Kanei) taunts Scorpion telling her that she won't get away again. About 10 seconds after he says that, Scorpion hits the men and their car drives off the road and crashes. Scorpion manages to get away again. At a strip club, we meet Kudo (Masakazu Tamura) a guy who runs the light show. Kudo is hit on by one of the strippers, but after she sticks her hand down his pants and finds out his tool is damaged, she splits. Kudo goes to the bathroom where he encounters The Scorpion hiding in one of the stalls, shes been injured and she passes out. Kudo helps her down to the clubs basement where he lets her rest. He goes to get some food for her and when he returns, he gets to know Scorpion a little. The two form a bond, both are victims of the police system. We learn about Kudo's past and just why he bears a grudge against the police and Inspector Kodama. Kodama and his men track Kudo and Scorpion down at their hideout, but luckily they make it out. Kudo and Scorpion try to get back at Kodama, by hijacking some goods from their cars, but they run into a problem when they are suddenly surrounded by the police. Scorpion manages to get away, but Kudo is arrested and is again beaten up by the cops so he will give up Scorpion's whereabouts.When he doesnt give them info, Kodama brings in Kudo's estranged mother who softens Kudo's emotions and makes him cry. Theres an excruciating sequence where Kudo slowly breaks down as his mother looks on. Scorpion tries to get to Kudo, but she is finally taken down after a fight with Kodama's men. Shes swiftly brought back to prison where shes scheduled to be executed. Kodama orders her to be untied, and then he just lays into her like a boxer. This guy totally beats the hell out of her, punching her in the stomach, smacking her across the face. Regardless, Scorpion cant be stopped. She recovers quickly and soon she manages to make a prison break with the help of one of the inmates. Scorpion makes one mistake, she hides in Kodama's car. Kodama drives to a deserted lot and he calls Scorpion to get out of the trunk. In this sequence, theres a beautiful sunset which gives the film an orange hue, then as Kodama explains that he has created a special gallows just for Scorpion, the sky becomes blue. What happens to Scorpion and Kudo afterwards is something you'll have to find out for yourself!

I've been a big fan of Meiko Kaji since I first saw Lady Snowblood. She is stunningly beautiful as The Scorpion. Her coal black hair shields her face often, but whenever she flashes her eyes, you become entranced by her. Throughout the film she barely speaks, but she doesnt have to say anything to express her hatred and sensuality. Shes mysterious and in her long black overcoat and hat she looks both ominous and very sexy.


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