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  • This is one of those films that I watched and thought: "Wow is this terrible". A famous actress/model is kidnapped by some criminals and guess what? Shes held for ransom in the jungle. Somehow she manages to get abducted by a cannibal tribe. Meanwhile, her movie producer hires a guy (Al Cliver) to travel down to the jungle with some money (a few hundred dollars and some fake paper) to try to rescue her. Theres alot of leering, screaming and raping in the movie and the cannibal scenes arent good at all. For example: theres a close up of a guy biting a girls neck then it cuts to his mouth chewing on some rubber "skin". Pair this one up with Cannibal Terror and you have a double feature of very boring exploitation cinema. Not one I'd reccomend to movie fans unless you're looking for a good film to fall asleep to. --Pete 15:04, 21 October 2008 (UTC)]
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