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Deucember is the GCDb's annual online grindhouse movie festival held in December. Film fans watch one classic exploitation/cult film per day (or more) and comment on them via a Twitter hashtag. We invite everyone that has the time and interest to join us in this event!

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Our initial inspiration for Deucember came from both the popular October horror and Noirvember celebrations held on Twitter. Since our site covers a wide variety of international exploitation & cult cinema we wanted to find a month/theme that would reflect that and so we chose "Deucember" which is taken from the nickname of New York City's now famous grindhouse mecca 42nd Street aka "The Deuce" where a lot of these films played in theaters. One aspect that makes Deucember especially nice is that film geeks can watch/enjoy all kinds of genres, not just one.

The Films

Check out our archived list of all the Deucember films on Letterboxd

The Playlist

Deucember Spotify playlist - Pop music hits from the years each of the films were released

Press Kit

Help us get the word out. Feel free to use any of these graphics (click to enlarge, right click to save to your computer or device) to spread the Deucember spirit to friends and family:






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