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Available BluRay disc releases of Dawn Of The Dead. Click here for DVD


  • Label: Second Sight Films
  • Release date: October 26, 2020
  • Region B (confirmed, BluRay)
  • Standard BluRay release together with release of Martin (tbc)
  • New 4K scans done at Final Frame in New York followed by grading and extensive restoration by DP Michael Gornick! Mastering and encoding by David Mackenzie at Fidelity in Motion
  • Audio: tbc
  • Limited Edition contains 3 CD soundtracks (17-track Goblin soundtrack with alternate and bonus tracks; The Complete De Wolfe library cues part 1 and 2), 150 page hardbook and "Dawn of the Dead - The Novelization" book
  • BluRay Edition contains: discs 1-4 Bluray
  • 4K UHD BluRay edition contains: discs 1-3 UHD, disc 4 BluRay
    • Disc 1: Theatrical Cut (aka Romero cut) - 4K scan and restoration from original camera negative; Audio commentary with George Romero, Tom Savini and Christine Forrest; NEW commentary with Travis Crawford
    • Disc 2: Extended Cut (aka Cannes version) - produced from 4K scan of theatrical cut camera negative and 4K scan of extended cut interpositive; audio commentary with Richard P Rubinstein
    • Disc 3: Argento Cut (aka European version) - produced from 4K scan of theatrical cut camera negative and 4K scan of Argento cut interpositive; audio commentary with Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger, Gaylen Ross and David Emge
    • Disc 4 (bonus features): NEW Zombies and Bikers (59mins) with John Amplas, Roy Frumkes, Tom Savini, Christine Forrest, Tom Dubensky, Tony Buba, Taso Stavrakis and a whole host of zombies and bikers; NEW Memories of Moreville (34mins) - a tour of the mall with Michael Gornick, Tom Savini, Tom Dubensky and Taso Stavrakis; NEW Raising the Dead: The Production Logistics (23mins) with Gornick, Forrest, Amplas and Dubensky; NEW The Fx of Dawn with Tom Savini (13min); NEW Dummies! Dummies! (12min) an interview with Richard France; NEW the lost Romero Dawn interview (20min) - previously unreleased archive interview; Super 8 mall footage by zombie extra Ralph Langer; Document of the Dead: the original cut; Document of the Dead: the new cut; The Dead will Walk 2014 documentary; trailers; tv spots; radio spots
  • Pre-order: From Amazon.co.uk (4K UHD edition)
  • Pre-order: From Amazon.co.uk (BluRay edition)

  • Region B
  • Studio: Arrow Films
  • Release date: 2010
  • Theatrical Cut in High Definition | Director's Cut | DTS and Stereo Audio
  • Special Features: Commentary by George Romero, Tom Savini and Chris Romero | Commentary with Richard Rubinstein | Document of the Dead | Document of the Dead: The Lost Interview and Deleted Scenes | Fan of The Dead | The Dead Will Walk Documentary | Argento Cut | Scream Greats | Publicity Vault | US & German Trailers | TV, Radio Spots, Reviews | Giallo Trailers | Original Artwork Poster and Book
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  • Length: 127 mins
  • Video: 1.85:1/16x9 1080p HD, Color
  • Audio: Dolby Surround 5.1, Mono
  • Original Release: 10/2/2007
  • Special Features: Audio Commentary with Writer/Director George A. Romero, Special Make-Up Effects Artist Tom | Savini, Assistant Director Chris Romero and DVD Producer Perry Martin | Monroeville Mall Tour | On-Set Home Movies | The Dead Will Walk Featurette
  • Buy now: From Amazon.com

Included in Dawn of the Dead/Land of the Dead Double Feature


  • Newly restored 4K transfer of the Italian Version (Dario Argento's cut)
  • Release date: November 17, 2016
  • Label: Midnight Factory; Region B
  • Audio: Italian; English included
  • Subtitles: Italian
  • Six-Disc Set
    • European Cut 4K Ultra HD BluRay (Argento Cut, restored)
    • European Cut BluRay (Argento Cut, remastered)
    • European Cut full screen version on BluRay (Argento Cut, available for the first time in it's 4:3 aspect ratio)
    • Theatrical Cut BluRay (127min Romero Cut released in the US in 1979)
    • Extended Cut BluRay (133min version Cannes Cut from 1978)
  • Extras disc: Audio commentary by Claudio Simonetti; interview with Tom Savini (18min); interview with Dario Argento (28min); interview with Nicolas Winding Refn (8min); interview with Michele de Angelis and Gianni Vittori (8min); Quando all'Inferno non ci sara’ piu posto: Interviews with Dario undandClaudio Argento, Claudio Simonetti, Alfredo Cuomo (ca. 31 min.); press conference from the 73rd Venice Film Fest (30min); recordings from the Venice midnight screening (10min); Book about the movie with pictures and interviews; trailers and tv spots; 5 postcards;
  • Buy now: From Amazon.it

  • Limited Edition 4 BluRays and Booklet (does not include Ultra HD version and full screen version)
  • Otherwise identical
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  • Label: Koch Films
  • Release date TBA


  • Regions A B and C
  • Studio: Umbrella Ent.
  • details tbc
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