Creatures The World Forgot

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Creatures The World Forgot (1971, UK) is a Science Fiction film directed by Don Chaffey.

Creatures the World Forgot.jpg

Main Details

  • Released in 1971
  • Color
  • Running Time: 92 Min.
  • Distributed by Columbia Pictures
  • Directed by Don Chaffey
  • Written by Michael Carreras
  • Starring Julie Ege, Brian O'Shaughnessy, Tony Bonner, Robert John, Marcia Fox, Rosalie Crutchley


  • They don't make em like this anymore...not in a million years!


Creatures the World Forgot is a 1971 adventure film directed by Don Chaffey and produced and written for Hammer Films by Michael Carreras. The film concentrates on the daily struggle to survive of a tribe of Stone Age men. Very little dialogue is spoken throughout the film, apart from a few grunts and gestures. A volcano erupts and an earthquake opens up a crevasse, swallowing up many members of the 'Dark Tribe'. The tribal leader is killed and a fight for leadership between two survivors, Mak (Brian O'Shaughnessy) and Zen, soon breaks out. Mak is victorious and leads the surviving tribe members across a desert in search of a new home. They meet and befriend tribe of fair-haired people. The leader of the fair-haired people presents Mak with a girl, Noo, as a wife. Mak offers a girl in exchange, but she already has a mate. She tries to escape with her mate, but they are caught and killed. The Dark tribe move on and eventually settle in a fertile valley where they flourish. Noo gives birth to twin boys on the same day another woman gives birth to a mute girl. (Wikipedia)

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