Cindy & Donna

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Cindy & Donna (1970, USA) is a Sexploitation film directed by Robert Anderson.


Main Details

  • Released in 1970 | Color
  • Production Co: Tempo Enterprises
  • Distribution Co: Crown International Pictures | Columbia Pictures of Canada (1971) (Canada) | Marvin Films (USA)
  • Directed by Robert Anderson
  • Written by Barry Clark
  • Starring Sue Allen, Tom Benko, Nancy Ison, Tom Koben, Max Manning
  • Produced by Robert Anderson, Terry Anderson, William M. Anderson
  • Original Music by Robert O. Ragland
  • Cinematography by J. Barry Herron
  • Film Editing by William M. Anderson


  • A story of two sisters. Cindy... so anxious to grow up. Donna... who grew up too fast!


Cindy, a sweet-young-thing being raised in the suburbs with her half-sister Donna, is shyly undergoing a sexual awakening. Fifteen-year-old Cindy and 17-year-old Donna share the same mother, but have different fathers. After she espies Donna making the beast with two backs with her Dad, Cindy goes wild. She shucks off her inhibitions, smokes pot with her friend Karen, and the two gratify their Sapphic desires in each others arms. Her boyfriend throws Donna out of the house, and tragedy ensues when a crying Donna, distraught in the street, is run down by a passing motorist. Cindy must live the rest of her life with the knowledge that her pursuit of carnal knowledge led to the death of her sister. (IMDB)

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