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Veteran director/AIP alum Roger Corman founded New World Pictures in 1970. It was his second attempt to control production and distribution (after the ill-fated Film Group, which lasted a couple of years in the early '60s). It was also highly successful, adding to Corman's millions and firmly establishing his place as the head of the "New Hollywood" of the '70s with its alumni including: Jonathan Demme, John Sayles, Joe Dante, Jack Hill, Jonathan Kaplan, Monte Hellman and Stephanie Rothman. Film fanatics will know it as the studio that gave us definitive versions of the "women-in-prison" and "nurse" films. It also had feminist overtones, a comic anticapitalist bent, and a roster that put The Big Doll House and Stacey and Her Gangbusters! alongside arthouse pickups like Fellini's Amarcord and Bergman's Cries and Whispers. Corman sold the company in 1983, but New World continues to hold a place in the hearts of Grindhouse lovers and anyone interested in the beginning of independent cinema.

Popular Genres

New World Pictures popularized several Grindhouse-Drive In genres during its initial run. They included: Biker films (Angels Die Hard, Bury Me An Angel, Angels Hard As They Come); Nurse, Teacher, and Stewardess films (The Student Nurses, Private Duty Nurses, Night Call Nurses, The Young Nurses, Candy Stripe Nurses, Fly Me, The Student Teachers); Women-in-Prison films (The Big Doll House, Women In Cages, The Big Bird Cage, The Hot Box, Caged Heat); Historical Tits n' Ass (The Arena); horror films (The Velvet Vampire, Night of the Cobra Woman, Sweet Kill); Blaxploitation (TNT Jackson, Savage); Southern Fried Dramas (Cockfighter, Big Bad Mama); and released some well-known artistic films (The Final Comedown, Fantastic Planet, Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song, Cries and Whispers, Amarcord). Many of the New World films are distinguished by the same sense of parody and sex role reversals that were found in many of Corman's own films. Through New World, Corman continued to give opportunities to many young filmmakers, as he once did for Peter Bogdanovich, Francis Ford Coppola, Monte Hellman, Curtis Harrington, and other, now famous, film people.

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