Cannibal Girls

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Cannibal Girls (1973, Canada) is a Horror-Comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman.


Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Running Time: 84 Min.
  • Production Co: Scary Pictures Productions
  • Distribution Co: American International Pictures
  • Directed by Ivan Reitman
  • Written by Daniel Goldberg, Ivan Reitman, Robert Sandler
  • Starring Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Ronald Ulrich, Randall Carpenter, Bonnie Neilson
  • Produced by Daniel Goldberg, Ivan Reitman
  • Original Music by Doug Riley
  • Cinematography by Robert Saad
  • Film Editing by Daniel Goldberg


  • These Girls Eat Men
  • They do EXACTLY what you think they do!
  • They love every man they meet: first to death, then for dinner
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